Information on traffic calming, traffic counts (volume and speed), speeding, speed limits, and visibility.

Speeding traffic

For speeding traffic, please telephone the NZ Police for enforcement.

If you have problems with continuous speeding traffic in residential streets, please click here to go to the NZ Police website where you can print the Community Roadwatch form and record the event/s. This form should then be mailed to or handed into NZ Police.  NZ Police will then contact the driver.

Traffic counts: volume and speed

Speed and volume surveys are undertaken on a regular basis on Kāpiti roads. Data received is then used to plan and develop options, if required.

Traffic calming/speed humps

To determine whether speed humps or other traffic calming is suitable for your area, we need to establish the following:

  1. Is this a primary collector route?
    If so, it is required to be a safe clear route for emergency service vehicles, buses, and heavy commercial or industrial vehicles.
  2. Is this a wide and open street?
    Wide open streets are not suitable for speed humps.

We also need to undertake speed surveys of the area and analyse any crash statistics to determine if it relates to speed or driver errors. Following this analysis, a decision will be made as to whether there is enough evidence to warrant a traffic calming scheme for the area.  A consultation with the community will then be undertaken.

The following reasons can also make it unsuitable for the addition of speed humps:

  • an increase in traffic noise level just before and after the road humps due to braking, acceleration and the vertical displacement of vehicles;
  • diversion of traffic to nearby streets without traffic management measures;
  • uncomfortable for vehicle passengers and cyclists;
  • an adverse effect on emergency and commercial vehicles; and
  • they can impact on passenger comfort when used on bus routes.


Traffic signals and pedestrian crossings Rimu Road

The Rimu Road crossing has pedestrian detectors fitted and as long as the pedestrian is still on the crossing, turning traffic will be held on a red traffic light.

The green man is the instruction to cross and it will flash on for 3 or 4 seconds before it changes to the flashing red man

The flashing red man means continue to cross if you’re already on the crossing but do not start to cross.

NOTE: while the flashing red man is active, all vehicle traffic is still held on a red traffic light. The pedestrian detectors will pick up anybody still on the crossing and the flashing Red Man is extended until the person is clear of the crossing.

The solid red man means do not cross as the vehicle traffic is now on a green traffic light.


To report a traffic light fault
Please contact the Kāpiti Coast District Council Call Centre – Phone: 04 296 4700 or toll free: 0800 486 486.


Traffic speed limits 

The Speed Limits Bylaw 2015 allows the Council to set speed limits by resolutions on all roads under its ownership or control and in certain designated locations specified in the Bylaw. 


Driveways, intersections, overhanging vegetation

Visibility must be maintained in these areas.  To report any visibility or sight line issues, please contact Kāpiti Coast District Council Call Centre: telephone: 04 296 4700 or toll
free: 0800 486 486.