Rubbish and recycling

Rubbish is part of our daily lives and it's up to everyone to dispose of it responsibly, so that waste going to landfill is minimised as much as possible. 

Since 2013, our kerbside collection services for rubbish and recycling have been provided to Kāpiti residents solely by independent operators.

Find out everything you need to know about these services, how to reduce waste at home, and what policies and strategies exist for waste.

View all rubbish disposal fees here. 

Waste Reduction & Education

Kāpiti Coast District Council offers a range of programmes, services, resources and grants to help our community reduce waste. Find out more here.

Kerbside services

Rubbish and recycling collectors  | Upcoming changes for yellow rubbish bag users  | Your options for rubbish and recycling services  | What bins do collectors provide?  | When do I put out my rubbish and recycling?  | Public holidays   | Related links...

Transfer stations

Transfer stations are strategically located around the District and cater for the safe disposal of most rubbish and recycling items. Residents in rural locations, where kerbside services aren't available, can dispose of their rubbish and recycling at t...

Recycling FAQs

Find out what can and can't go in your recycling bin, what else can be recycled in the district, how to get a recycling bin, what to do with greenwaste and more.

Forms, online resources and strategies

This page contains application forms, guides and policy documents relating to rubbish and recycling management for the Kāpiti Coast District. Application forms All forms are available for download or print from the links below. Application for Waste...

Fees and charges

This page lists the fees for disposal of rubbish at transfer stations and operator licensing costs.

Recycling collection area extended in Te Horo and Ōtaki

From 1 September 2017, additional areas in Te Horo and Ōtaki will have access to kerbside recycling collection. This includes most of the roads between Ōtaki Gorge Road and Settlement Road east of State Highway 1 in Te Horo, as well as the loop from...