Acceptable Clean Fill Materials

Acceptable materials

Acceptable mixed loads are charged at the clean fill rate

Clean materials only for landfill capping purposes.

Mixed Loads
Natural soils, crushed rock (small), sands and clay.

Topsoils (not mixed with other material)
Clean topsoil from residential homes and building sites.  The top soils are required to promote healthy plant growth on top of the finished capping layer.

Clay materials (not mixed with other materials)
Pure clay materials only.  The capping material is requiried to stop gas (odours) escaping from the landfill.

Gas drainage materials (not mixed with other materials)
River gravels, rocks (small) or similar materials.  The gas drainage material allows any landfill gas to safety move to a vent.

Mixed Topsoil Clay Gravel
Mixed Loads Topsoils Clay Materials Gas drainage


Materials NOT accepted

Tree or plant materials, building and construction materials, concrete formwork, large rocks and asphalt are not accepted at the Otaihanga Landfill.

Since 1 October 2013 the pond at Otaihanga Landfill has been closed to any sucker trucks / tanker loads with water, mixed soils/clays etc.

If you would like to dispose of soils and sands mixed with plant materials, contact Composting New Zealand. 

Examples of materials not accepted

Not 1 Not 2 Not 3

Goodrock Recycling Ltd in Waikanae also accept some types of concrete and cleanfill. Please contact them for details and pricing.

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