Love Food Hate Waste

New Zealand families throw out about $560 worth of food each year – that's three shopping trolleys full.

Food which is thrown uneaten into the rubbish bin adds up to a staggering 122,000 tonnes each year for the whole country. As a nation, we throw out enough food every year to feed Dunedin for two years!

The good news is that it’s easy to make small but effective changes to reduce the amount of food that you waste. The national Love Food Hate Waste NZ campaign aims to help you make those changes by providing tips, recipes and lots of info around getting the most out of your food.

Kāpiti Coast District Council, together with 59 other councils around the country, is proud to support the  Love Food Hate Waste NZ campaign. We’re partnering with local organisations, community groups and food waste champions to deliver food waste workshops. We’re also getting out and about across the Wellington Region with our Love Food Hate Waste stand at market days and events. If you see us, please come and say 'Hi'. We’ll have information for you to take away, giveaways, competitions with great prizes, and you’ll be able to have a spin on our awesome 'bicycle blender', courtesy of the guys at Bicycle Junction.

If you're keen to help spread the Love Food Hate Waste message in Kāpiti, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch with Kath at

Keep an eye on Sustainable Communities Kāpiti for upcoming events, workshops and more, and catch up with some Love Food Hate Waste stories from around the district on On To It.

Other organisations in Kāpiti working to reduce food waste are:

Social Pantry Kāpiti

Community Fruit Wellington

Transition Town Ōtaki's Seasonal Surplus Stall

Top 10 Foods thrown away

“Tops and tails of vegies from prepping meals can be collected and frozen and used for stock - skin on onion tops and bottoms, broccoli stalk and leaves, green bits of leeks etc. Leave the bottom inch of both leeks and spring onions - plant them out and watch them grow again.” – Elise, Paraparaumu Beach

“Always make a menu and write down all the ingredients you will need and only buy those ingredients at the supermarket. It can help shopping fortnightly so you really use up what you have in the cupboard. I also try and eat from the fridge, that way you are using food that is likely to expire first. Include a leftovers meal in your meal plan.”  – Kate, Raumati Beach