Get a waste check for your school, home or business

If you're keen to reduce your waste but are not sure where to start, get a waste check!

During a waste check (also called waste audit), we'll take a look at what you currently send to landfill, as well as what systems you already have in place to manage your waste.

From there, we'll help you identify opportunities to reduce your waste, what recycling options are available, and what waste could be avoided altogether. Sending less waste to landfill could save you money too!

We offer free waste checks to schools and early childhood centres, groups of five or more households, and other community groups and organisations. Some council-funded waste checks for businesses are currently also available, see here for more information.

If you'd like to know more or book your waste check, please contact

Waste Check at Kenakena School

Waste check at Kenakena School