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This page includes information on the water retrofit service, water conservation advisor and water conservation tips.

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During the summer months, water is saved through water usage restrictions and a pro-active "Summer on the Coast" publicity programme which encourages sensible water use.  

Council's proactive water supply monitoring

In 2014/15 Council implemented an automated water supply monitoring process that identifies trends in network water loss. Council now gets weekly reports on the minimum night flows (MNF) for each water supply and zones which are used to identify any urgent repairs required and/or targeted the annual leak location and repair programme at priority areas for best return. Each year we sweep targeted areas of our 460kms of pipe network for leaks and repair what we find. More information about the results of these activities can be found in the annual water conservation reports found here:

One example of the benefits of the active monitoring:

Council water use monitoring pays off with big leak repair

In late April, Council noticed through its proactive water supply monitoring an increase in night flows in the Paraparaumu network. Night flows tell us what we are using when everyone is typically asleep and usage is at its lowest. Increases in night flows usually happen due to leaks.

Council identified that the leak was in the Riwai Zone, an zone of some 70km of the water pipe network, and staff then developed a targeted approach to locating the cause of the increase.

The size of the leak meant it was likely from a fault on one of the larger distribution water pipes. Council staff, working with a specialist leak detection contractor, then spent the next few weeks systematically working through the zone to locate the leak using acoustic listening devices to pick up on the noise a leak generates.

On the 19th May a large noise was detected at the corner of Arawhata and Kāpiti Road, on one of the busiest roads in the district.

A traffic management plan was developed in minimise disruption and repairs to the water pipe in Kāpiti Road were made. Following its repair, night flows returned to normal and the size of the leak was quantified. Just before its repair, the leak was running at 1,900,000 litres/day, which is enough to fill the aquatic centre main pool one and a bit times.


Water Conservation Advice

Get free help with saving water from the Water Conservation Advice program.

Water Retrofit Service

  Helping make saving water affordable During the summer months, outdoor water use (washing cars or boats, watering the garden or lawn) puts a lot of demand on our water supplies. Kāpiti Coast District Council supports the use of rainwater and greywate...

Water conservation tips

There are many simple things we can do to reduce the financial and environmental costs of wasting water. Watch our video on saving water in and around the home. Outdoor water use Using water outside can significantly increase the total amount of water...

Where do we use our water?

In the home, water use increases dramatically with the onset of summer.  For example, if you leave the sprinkler on for an hour you will use 1000 litres of water. A 2007 study by BRANZ, a research and information company providing services for the...