Water conservation advice

Get free help with saving water from the Water Conservation Advice program.

The Water Conservation Advice program is a Council service for residents who want to improve how they use water without changing their lifestyle.  

Locating leaks

Do you think water may be leaking somewhere on your property? Or has Council contacted you to advise you have a water leak? The Water Conservation Advice service can help. Council can visit your home, show you how to identify the location of any leaks and suggest the best course of action to stop the water leak.

Or if you want to try fixing minor leaks/drips yourself, check out the Council video.

Advice on raintanks, greywater systems and funding

Our water supplies cannot sustain intense irrigation during the summer months.  Besides, gardens do not need highly treated town water to thrive.

Well designed rain water and greywater systems enable you to sustain your garden during the summer months. The choice of system will depend on your budget, what you want to water and where you live. Council can visit your home to discuss which system will suit your requirements and discuss the available funding options.

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