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Helping make saving water affordable

During the summer months, outdoor water use (washing cars or boats, watering the garden or lawn) puts a lot of demand on our water supplies.

Kāpiti Coast District Council supports the use of rainwater and greywater for outdoor irrigation. If enough households use on-site water sources for outdoor irrigation, our current supplies will meet the needs of our growing communities for years to come.

In 2008, Council required new households in urban areas to install on-site supplies for toilet flushing and outdoor uses.

However, for homes built before 2008, there has been low uptake of on-site systems (rainwater or greywater systems). One reason is the upfront cost, the other is there is no financial benefit for them to do so. A house that invests in an on-site system has to pay the same water rates as an existing household with no system.

To address the cost barrier Council offers the Water Retrofit Service to help make installing an on-site non-potable supply more affordable.

Households eligible for funding

The funding is available for households on the Kāpiti Coast where the house:

  • in urban areas was built before February 2008 
  • receives unrestricted potable water
  • has a good rate payment history.

The applicant must be the registered property owner - named on the Title.

Application process

Council will visit your property, explain how the funding works and the responsibilities - yours and ours.  A copy of the application form is available for download or print below.

Frequently asked questions about the Water Retrofit Service

Water retrofit application form

Business Directory for water retrofit installers

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