Water conservation tips

There are many simple things we can do to reduce the financial and environmental costs of wasting water.

Watch our video on saving water in and around the home.

Outdoor water use

Using water outside can significantly increase the total amount of water your property uses. To reduce this:

  • use a watering can or hose on your garden instead of a sprinkler
  • use a trigger handle on your hose so you only use the water you need
  • wash your car with several buckets of water rather than a hose
  • consider a drip water irrigation system for your garden or one that uses greywater or rainwater
  • water your garden in the evening
  • put in plants which require less water to grow
  • use mulch on your garden.
  • for more tips go to the Green Gardener page.

Indoor water use

This largely comes from washing ourselves, our clothes and our dishes. To reduce how much water you use inside:

  • take shorter showers and install low-flow showerheads
  • put on only full loads of dishes/washing (or choose a water level that suits the size of your load of washing)
  • cook food in as little water as possible (this also helps to keep in the nutrients)
  • turn your tap off when brushing your teeth and shaving
  • use the single flush button on your toilet when possible
  • look for water-efficient models when replacing appliances or a shower.
  • fix any leaking taps, showers or toilets.

Some of this information has been sourced from  Visit this site to find heaps more useful tips to help our environment.

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