Water education units for schools

water education resourcesCouncil has developed a set of water education resources for local early childhood centres, schools and colleges.

These learning programmes meet the education objectives set in the early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki and The New Zealand Curriculum, the curriculum for primary and secondary schools.

Water Education Advisor

Co-ordinated planning makes sure that, as students move through the education system, they develop a deeper understanding of the value of water and of the actions we can take to conserve water.

Our Water Education Adviser works with early childhood education leaders in early childhood centres, and lead teachers in schools, as they develop and implement learning programmes about water that are suited to their students, their families and the area of the Kāpiti Coast they live in. The Water Conservation Advisor can be emailed at

Our Safe Drinking Water

We have developed a short film called Our Safe Drinking Water for use in schools.  View a shortened version of the film here.

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