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This page contains information on reporting water leaks to Council and how to identify and repair water leaks on your property.

Reporting water leaks in the road, footpath or from a fire hydrant

Telephone the Council immediately to report the leak and its location on 0800 486 486.

Water leaks on private property

If your water bill is higher than expected, you may have a leak. All water that passes through the water meter will become part of your costs.

Property owners are responsible for the repair of any leaks in their homes/businesses and private supply pipes (the section of pipe from the Council water service to the house and out buildings i.e. garages and sleepouts etc).

Watch our videos on finding leaks and changing washers.


How to check for leaks

Household water leaks usually come in two forms, slow or large. A slow leak could be from a fixture – toilet, shower or tap.  A large leak could be from the hot water cylinder or leaking pipes. The steps below will help you identify the type of leak you have.

  1. Turn off the taps and water appliances in your house.
  2. Check your water meter. If the arrow on the dial is moving you have a leak.
  3. Shut off your house toby and check your meter again.
  4. If the arrow is not moving, you have a leak in your house or piping to outside taps.
  5. If the arrow on the dial still moves after you have turned off your house toby, you have a leak between the house toby and the water meter.  Look for greener patches or moisture on the ground between your house or driveway and the water meter.  Contact a plumber and get a quote before agreeing to any work.

House tobies - how to find them

Tobies are usually on the same side of your property as your water meter, near your house.  They are often located near the closest outside tap to your water meter.  Another thing to look for is a pipe rising out of the ground and entering your home.  If there is a garden around the possible toby location, you may have to dig around.

Council's water service, which contains the water meter, is located at the front boundary of your property. If you are unable to find the water service, phone 04 296 4700 or 0800 486 486 and request a 'locate water service'.

Watch our video on how to find your toby.

How will Council help?

Property owners will have to pay for any water lost to leaking fixtures.

Always ask for a quote from a plumber before going ahead with any work. Click here for a list of plumbers who can assist you. Please note that Council has provided this list as a general reference only.

Council may reassess your water charges if you have found and repaired a leak on your private water supply. Click here for the Request for Credit due to private water leaks form if you want to apply for a credit. 

Council will not reassess any excess water charges due to visible leaks such as toilets, taps, showers or hot water cylinders.

Council can give you advice on finding your toby, locating and repairing leaks.  Phone 04 296 4700 to make your booking.

Keeping our plumbing leak free is all our responsibility

Visible leaks such as dripping taps, toilets and showers use more water than you think. You now have to pay for any water lost to visible leaks.

How much water lost

Extra costs

Leaking fixture Litres lost
each day
Cubic metres lost each year Extra cost
each quarter
Extra cost
each year
One drip a second 14.4 5.3 $1.44 $5.78
Two drips a second 28.8 10.5 $2.86 $11.45
Three drips a second 43.2 15.8 $4.31 $17.22
Five drips a second (steady stream) 72 26.3 $7.17 $28.67
Running toilet 96.5 35.2 $9.59 $38.37
Badly leaking toilet 201.6 73.6 $20.06 $80.22


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