Water rates

Learn how water rates are calculated, how to read your water invoice and pay for your water charges.

This page outlines how water rates are calculated, how to read your water invoice and how to pay for your water charges.

Water rates help to pay for water collection and treatment facilities, our water supply network (e.g. fixing, upgrading and replacing pipes) and water conservation measures.

Almost all properties within Council's boundaries are charged for water by meter. Meters encourage people to use water wisely and result in a fairer way of paying for water because those who use less pay less (i.e. high water users are no longer subsidised by those who use less water).

Reducing demand not only reduces the cost of treating water needlessly - it also has a big impact on how much money needs to be spent on new treatment plants, pipes and reservoirs. This is a big saving for the whole community.

How are water rates charges calculated?

All water used is charged for at a volumetric rate of $1.14 (incl. GST) per cubic metre (1000 litres) and a fixed annual charge of $215 (incl. GST) per separately used or inhabited part of a rating unit, charged at a daily rate of $0.5890, calculated on the number of days in each invoice period.

There is no 'free' allowance of water in the annual fixed charge and this charge applies to each separately used part of a rating unit (i.e. a home and a granny flat).

The fee for a special water meter reading (e.g. where a final meter reading is needed for the sale of a property) is $36 including GST.

Charging Regime Advisory Group

In 2011, the Charging Regime Advisory Group (CRAG) was tasked with developing a charging formula for water which could be applied to both residential and non-residential properties using the reticulated water supply. CRAG evaluated how different tariff...

Estimating your water costs

Finding out your household water costs is a simple process if you have a water meter. To find out how to read your meter see the page ' Reading a water meter '.  Then all you need to do is follow the steps below. 1. Decide the number of days you will...

Frequently asked questions

What are the water charges this year? The fixed charge for 2018/19 is $215.00 per annum per separately used or inhabited part of a rating unit, charged at a daily rate of $0.5890 ($207.00 last year). The volumetric charge for 2018/19 is $1.14 per cubic...

How to pay your water rates

This page outlines how you can pay your water rates. If you're a ratepayer, you have several payment options which are listed below. Automatic payment, internet or telephone banking | Credit card | Direct debit | In person | Post | Penalties Automatic...

Reading a water meter

This page contains information on reading your water meter and how the meters work.

Water invoices

Water invoices have a ratepayer's name, address, property location (as a check), valuation number, and legal description on the front of the invoice and meter number on the back. On the reverse side of the invoice at the top is the amount and cost of...

Water rates remissions for large families with high water use - Council assistance

We know paying rates can be tough for some members of our community.  Each year we offer a water rates remission to provide support to larger families who have high water costs.  This rates assistance is available to tenants or home-owners, and water...