Estimating your water costs

Finding out your household water costs is a simple process if you have a water meter. To find out how to read your meter see the page 'Reading a water meter'.  Then all you need to do is follow the steps below.


Decide the number of days you will read your meter for.

Open read: 1 April
Close read: 30 April

= 30 days


Calculate the amount of water you have used (in cubic metres)*

Minus the opening read (OR) from the close read (CR)

E.g. 220 CR - 200 OR = 20 cubic metres used

*The white figures on the BLACK dial count in cubic metres - this is what is charged on your invoice. 


Calculate your daily average water use in litres

Divide the cubic metres used by the number of days the meter was read

E.g. 20 ÷ 30 = 0.67  


Calculate you daily volumetric charge for how much water you have used

Multiply your daily average water use by the current volumetric rate of $1.14 per cubic metre

E.g. 0.67 x $1.14 = 0.76  


Calculate your daily fixed charge

Divide the annual fixed charge by the number of days in the year.

E.g. $215.00÷ 365 = $0.5890c


Calculate your total daily charge for water

Add your volumetric and fixed charges together.

E.g. 0.76 + 0.5890 = $1.35


Calculate your estimaged water charges per quarter

Multiply your total daily charge by 90 days to get an estimated quarterly charge.**

E.g. $1.35 x 90 days = $121.50

**the number of days for each quarterly invoice will vary depending on the months covered for each invoice period.