Water rates remissions for large families with high water use - Council assistance

We know paying rates can be tough for some members of our community.  Each year we offer a water rates remission to provide support to larger families who have high water costs. 

This rates assistance is available to tenants or home-owners, and water rates remissions can be up to $120 per household.

Applications for this assistance for the 2017/2018 funding round have now closed.  Applications for the 2018/19 funding round will be open from 1 May 2019.  

To qualify:

  • Total water charges between 1 July 2018 and 30 April 2019 must exceed $311, and 
  • The property owner or tenant must have two or more dependents (aged 18 years or younger) and be receiving a Working for Families Tax Credit.  

The form wil be available for download when applications open for 2018/19.  Applications must be received by 30th June 2019 to be considered.

Frequently asked questions and additional resources

I applied for a water rates remission, how much could I receive?   

If your application is successful, you could receive up to $120 per household.

How would I receive the remission if it is granted?

If your application is successful, the remission will be paid as a credit to your (or if you're a tenant your landlords) water rates account.

How often can I apply for a water rates remission?

You can apply once a year. Applications open in May and close 30 June each year.

Are there other rates remissions I can apply for and can I apply for more than one?

We've set aside up to $175,000 this year for rates remissions. These are available to low-income earners who are home-owners and are facing financial hardship. For more information, visit our rates remissions page.

Where can I find more information about criteria for all rates remissions?

For a full list of criteria for this remission and further information on all rates remissions, look at our Long term plan 2018-38, under Financial Strategy - Rates Remission Policy.

The policy is also online here

Still have questions?

Visit a Council Service Centre or phone the Rates team on 0800 486 486.