Rates explained - instalment details

To avoid penalties, you must pay your instalments in full by the following due dates:

6 September 2018 first instalment due
6 December 2018 second instalment due
6 March 2019 third instalment due
6 June 2019 fourth instalment due

How rates are billed

A rating year begins on 1 July and ends on 30 June. The rating year is divided into four equal instalments, each invoiced separately.

With your first invoice for the year, you will receive a 'Rates Assessment Notice'. It tells you the total amount you will pay for the entire year to both Kāpiti Coast District and Greater Wellington Regional Councils.

Throughout the year, you will receive four rates invoices, one every three months. They arrive about one month before the due date and must be paid in full and on time.


A charge of ten percent will be added to any amount of the current rate instalment remaining unpaid after the due date.

An additional 10% penalty will be added on the 6 July 2018 to any rates remaining unpaid from previous financial years as at 5 July 2018. 

6 July 2018 2017/2018 rates arrears penalty added
7 September 2018 instalment one penalty added
7 December 2018 instalment two penalty added
7 March 2019 instalment three penalty added
7 June 2019 instalment four penalty added

Changing home ownership

Buyers Rates are a charge on a property, not a property owner. That means that any outstanding rates on a property at the time of purchase become the responsibility of the new owner. When a property is sold, the vendor's solicitor will usually identify...

Payment options

This page outlines how you can pay your property rates to Kāpiti Coast District Council. Ratepayers have several payment options which are listed below. Direct debit | Internet or telephone banking | Credit card |  In person | Post | Pay Rates in full ...

How rates are calculated

Rates are based on: Land value – the rateable land value determined on the common date of August 2017. Capital value – the rateable capital value determined on the common date of August 2017. Rating Categories The Kāpiti Coast District Council has two...

Regional Council Rates

Kāpiti Coast District Council collects rates on behalf of the Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC). These rates are set by Greater Wellington. At the beginning of each rating year you will receive two Rates Assessment Notices: one detailing Kāpit...

Differential Rating System

Rates are calculated using a differential rating system that is based on land use or rating category. Differentials A differential system has been applied to the rural area to reflect its lower population density and demand for services. The differenti...

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Rates instalments

The quarterly rates instalment may contain an insert.  Copies of current and previous inserts are available below for download or print.

Instalment inserts:

For further information please contact us by:

Phone: 04 296 4700 or Email: