Regional Council Rates

Kāpiti Coast District Council collects rates on behalf of the Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC). These rates are set by Greater Wellington.

At the beginning of each rating year you will receive two Rates Assessment Notices: one detailing Kāpiti Coast District Council rates and the other detailing Greater Wellington rates. Your quarterly instalment invoices, however, are combined to reflect both Councils rates on the one invoice.

Activities or Groups of Activities that are funded by GWRC Rates

General Rate

The general rate is mainly used to fund public good activities that benefit the region as a whole.  It funds almost all of these activitites: Regional leadership, including mana whenua engagement, emergency management, parks, policy and planning, environmental science, biodiversity, understanding flood risk and the Wairarapa water use project.  It also funds 50% of all other Flood protection activities.

Targeted Rates

  • Public Transport: This rate contributes to public transport funding, for the public benefits of the services and infrastructure.
  • River Management: This rate funds Flood protection services within local communities.
  • Wellington Regional Strategy: This rate includes funding for the Wellington regional economic development agency.
  • Pest Management: This rate funds the control of predators and possums. It is set on all rural properties where rateable land is 4 hectares or more.
  • Warm Greater Wellington: This rate is for properties that use GW assistance for clean heat and insulation.
  • Wairarapa schemes: These are rates set on specific properties within the river management schemes within the Wairarapa, to fund flood protection, and land management activities affecting those properties.

For more information about Greater Wellington Regional Council rates visit their website at

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Rates instalments

The quarterly rates instalment may contain an insert.  Copies of current and previous inserts are available below for download or print.

Instalment inserts:

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