Tracking our regulatory performance

Like all other councils, the Kāpiti Coast District Council delivers a range of regulatory services to our community, which are critical in protecting public health and safety, and minimising risk by ensuring regulatory compliance, licensing and registrations.

It’s important to us to deliver the best possible customer experience when it comes to our regulatory services. So every day we’re looking at how we can improve our systems and processes to make things easier for you, whether you’re applying for resource consent, starting a new business, registering your dog or building a house.

As part of this, we want to let you know how we’re doing so you can know what to expect from us.

Here’s a snapshot of how things went in the last financial year (2017/18)

Building control              

  • 1121 building consents processed – similar to volumes the previous year  (98%)           
  • Average processing time 11 days – 98% complete within 20 day statutory timeframe. This is an improved performance from the previous year (average time 14 days and 88.5% in time)
  • 6365 building inspections carried out – similar to numbers the previous year (2% increase)

  • 835 Code of compliance certificates issued - similar to numbers the previous year (3% decrease)

Resource consents         

  • 275 resource consents  and 17 permitted boundary activities  processed        
  • Average processing time 17 days - 97% processed within statutory timeframe of 20 days 

Other stats you might find interesting 

  • 794 LIMs issued with an average processing time of four days. This is nearly a 10% increase over the numbers for the previous year

  • 285 food premises inspected
  • 63 Alcohol licenses issued
  • 3253 service requests for our animal management team
  • 7347 dogs registered
  • 274 swimming pools inspected

How long will my building or resource consent application take?

If you’re intending to apply for a resource or building consent, here’s our average processing time. This gives you an indication of the timeframes you can expect. But please remember, every application is different and more complex applications will generally take longer.

Building consents: average processing time for the past three months = 11 working days

Resource consents: average processing time for the past three months = 17 working days

These times don’t include periods where we’re waiting on further information from applicants. These holding periods can really delay the processing of applications, so we encourage you to make sure your application is complete and ready to go when you lodge it. If you’re coming in to lodge your application, why not call us to set up a time to go through it to make sure it has all the information we need.

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