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Speed limit review stage 1 - complete

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New speed limits came into effect for 36 local road in August 2018.

These changes were the result of Stage 1 of Council’s districtwide speed limit review 2017-18, and followed on from community consultation which ran from February to March, and April to May 2018. The review was carried out in response to public requests for particular roads to have their speed limits reviewed by Council.

The roads under review were assessed and new limits proposed on the basis of safety risk, the road environment including land development, speed limits on adjoining roads and any changes on those roads since original speed limits were set. Council also took into account new national rules and guidelines for speed limits administered by the NZ Transport Agency. These speed limits are enforceable, so please do your part to ensure these roads are safer for all users.

We have begun preparation for Stage 2 of the review, which we will seek public feedback on, so you can expect to hear about that soon.

About other speed limit reviews:

The Council’s review of local roads is separate from NZ Transport Agency’s speed limit review of old SH1 roads between Raumati and Peka Peka (part of their SH1 revocation work). For more information on the SH1 revocation and speed limit review, visit the Transport Agency’s website.

New speed limits:

  • Paekākāriki Hill Road (from SH1 to Council boundary at top), Paekākāriki: 60km/h

  • Maungakotukutuku Road, Paekākāriki: 60km/h

  • Valley Road (100km/h section), Paraparaumu: 80km/h

  • Valley Road (70km/h section), Paraparaumu: 60km/h

  • Poplar Avenue (past entrance to Queen Elizabeth and shops), Raumati South: 40km/h

  • Garden Road with Matatua Road extension: 20 km/h

  • Nikau Palm Road (80 km/h section), Paraparaumu: 60 km/h

  • Maui Pomare Road, Paraparaumu: 60 km/h

  • Mahaki Road, Paraparaumu: 60 km/h

  • Anlaby Road, Paraparaumu: 60 Km/h

  • Angus Way, Paraparaumu: 60 km/h

  • Eucalyptus Way, Paraparaumu: 60 km/h

  • Ngatiawa Road, Waikanae: 60 km/h

  • Mangaone South Road, Waikanae: 60 km/h

  • Kents Road, Waikanae: 60 km/h

  • Rangiora Road, Waikanae: 60 km/h

  • Terrace Road, Waikanae: 60 km/h

  • Akatarawa Road (100 km/h section) , Waikanae: 60 km/h

  • Reikorangi Road (70 km/h section) , Waikanae: 60 km/h

  • Reikorangi Road (100 Km/h section) , Waikanae: 80 km/h

  • Jacks Bush Road, Waikanae: 60 km/h

  • Ngarara Road (70 km/h section) , Waikanae: 60 km/h

  • Smithfield Road, Waikanae: 60 km/h

  • Hadfield Road, Waikanae: 60 km/h

  • Octavius Road, Waikanae: 60 km/h

  • Te Kowhai Road, Waikanae: 60 km/h

  • Gary Road, Waikanae: 60 km/h

  • Gear Road, Ōtaki (west of Settlement road): 60 km/h

  • Settlement Road, Ōtaki: 60 km/h

  • Sutton Road, Ōtaki: 60 km/h

  • Best Road, Ōtaki: 60 km/h

  • Waitohu Valley Road (80 km/h section) , Ōtaki: 60 km/h

  • Waitohu Valley Road (100 km/h section) , Ōtaki: 60 km/h

  • Greenwood Boulevard, Ōtaki: 60 km/h

  • Sunglo Terrace, Ōtaki: 60 km/h

  • Ringawhati Road, Ōtaki: 60 km/h

  • Rahui Road, Ōtaki (80 km/h section): 60 km/h

  • Waimanu Road, Ōtaki: 60 km/h

This table outlines detailed information about the roads, their old speed limit, new speed limit and rationale for change. (Click on the table image below to expand it.) 

Stage 1 Speed Limits Table

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