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This page contains information on the activity programmes at Coastlands Aquatic Centre, including Aqua Ease and Aquafit sessions.


Do you suffer from Arthritis or a similar condition? We can help with our AquaEase warm water exercise programme to reduce pain and improve your overall health.

Benefits to you:

  • reduce pain
  • gain strength
  • improve your day to day life
  • connect with people in your community
  • gentle exercise in warm water (32°C)

A five week programme with a trained, professional instructor is just $27.50 (includes spa afterwards). Our five week programmes run continuously during the school term.

Session times

Tuesday: 9-9.30am, 9.45-10.15am, 10.30-11am, 12.15-12.45pm, 1.45-2.15pm,

Prior booking is essential as spaces are limited.


AquaYoga is a relaxing and effective form of exercise that supports health and wellbeing.

Exercises and poses are adapted to be achievable in water so there is a combination of benefits that contribute to long term health as well as being an aid to physical therapy for injury and mobility.

Stretching, relaxing and deep breathing are enhanced by the buoyancy and water resistance.

Balance is also more achievable. All the body systems are stimulated with minimal challenge.

These combined aspects make AquaYoga accessible to all irrespective of age, fitness, previous experience or swimming ability.

Benefits to you:

  • increases range of motion
  • improves muscle tone and strength
  • increase in muscle relaxation
  • improves endurance
  • aids in pain relief
  • improves digestion
  • helps develop deep breathing
  • improves sleep patterns
  • enhances immune response
  • improves healing from injury or surgery
  • increases energy

A five week programme with a professional instructor is just $27.50 (includes spa afterwards).

Session times

Tuesday:  1-1.45pm
Thursday: 6-6.45pm

Prior booking is essential as spaces are limited.

Aquafit Sessions

Aquafit is a fun way to improve health and fitness and reduce strain on joints and muscles. Taught to music by professional instructors. 

Monday high impact
low impact


Tuesday deep water 9.15am
Thursday deep water
Wednesday and Friday high impact
low impact

* Please note classes commence at an earlier time of 7pm on public holidays due to an earlier closing 
  time of 8pm.

All sessions are 45 minutes.


Fun whatever the weather; with inflatables and games on weekends, as well as public holidays and every day of the school holidays from 1pm-4.30pm.

During SPLASH! sessions those under 8 years wishing to use the main pool must:

  • be able to swim
  • stay in 1.2m depth (shallow part of the pool)

FunZone Timetable 

Swim Test

Only those 8 years and over are allowed in the deep water (2.4m).  For those under 8, space is available in the shallow water (1.2m) and in the PAK'nSAVE Programmes Pool at various times throughout the week.

To ensure everyone who visits Coastlands Aquatic Centre has fun in a safe environment, all children aged 8 to 12 years who wish to swim in the deep water (2.4m) must pass a swim test.

The test will be:

  • jump in
  • tread water for 1 minute
  • swim forward 25 metres without stopping
  • climb out

Treading water means being able to support yourself easily in an upright position in water. Then swim forward confidently, without pushing off the pool floor.

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Note: A swim test for 8 to 12 year olds is required for deep water swimming.

Saturday - 
closed until midday except for: swimming classes, lane swimming, walking and aqua 

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