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Mum and baby

If you are new to SwimKāpiti and you are unsure what level to enrol in, book in for a free swim assessment by telephoning the pool or email us on swim@kapiticoast.govt.nz.

Parent and baby 

These baby and infant classes have the parent/guardian as the primary teacher under the careful guidance of the swimming instructor. 

Ways to hold and handle are taught whilst the infants are familiarised with the water environment through appropriate toys, games and activities.

These are designed to provide the experiences that underpin swimming skills.

Fundamentals that are developed include:

  • Safe entries and exits
  • Balance
  • Floatation
  • Orientation
  • Propulsion
  • Submersion
  • Breath Control
  • Fun!

The baby and infant classes consist of three levels:

  • Little Blue Penguins 6 - 14 months
  • Whistling Frogs 14 months - 2 1/2 years
  • Seahorses 2 1/2 years to 4 years

Pre school (4 year olds)

Our preschool levels are for those 4 year olds ready to swim with or without a parent/guardian and achieved the fundamental skills outlined above for Parent and Baby. 

Once per term the swim school has a pyjama week. Fun with a serious learning outcome. The experience of swimming wearing clothes is one of the most useful and profound water safety experiences we can provide.

First experiences for 4 year olds in a small group being introduced to early swimming skills, confidence and water safety.

For 4 year olds with basic experiential skills (entry, movement, blowing bubbles, kicks) Learning to trust the water to support flotation and how to combine skills.

For 4 year olds that can put their face in the water, are able to float unassisted and can travel using long kicks. Learning further breath control, more complex abilities and independent safety skills.

4 year olds who can fully submerge, rotate, glide and swim changing direction.
Introduction to correct arm actions, further stroke and safety knowledge and preparation for the school age


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