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School age

Our school age lessons cater for all abilities, whether your child has been in lessons before or is new to swimming, we have a level for them. 

Once per term the swim school has a pyjama week. Fun with a serious learning outcome. The experience of swimming wearing clothes is one of the most useful and profound water safety experiences we can provide.

Free swimming assessment

We are offering free swimming assessments at the Coastlands Aquatic Centre and Waikanae Pool. Please click on the link below to enquire and our Swim School Manager will be in touch.

Click here for free assessment

Swim school levels

SwimKāpiti school age swim programme consists of eight levels: Swimming

Orange Roughy

For new learners, finding out about floating, submersion and streamlining with kicking front and back. Introduction to essential water safety skills and knowledge, including treading water.


For those who can float front and back, slide with a long body and show long legged kicking. Learning to use rhythmic breathing, more complex body skills and sequences. Introduction to breaststroke kick. Guided attempts at correct arm strokes and simulated safety circumstances.


For children who have propulsive skill. Developing body techniques to facilitate side breathing and strong mechanics. Further development of accurate arm strokes and sequencing skills. Introduction to breaststroke arm action. Integrating a breaststroke kick into treading water. Learning to scull and cope with underwater experiences.


Swimming in the Main 25m pool. Refining the complex skills of freestyle and backstroke as whole strokes. Works to develop breaststroke co-ordination, dolphin kicking and early diving abilities. Water safety aspects introduce reach and throw rescue efforts.

Moray Eels

45 minute lessons focus on building controlled distance with freestyle and backstroke development precision. Accurate breaststroke is worked on over longer distances. Diving and underwater skills are progressed. Strong survival skills are encouraged with experience using lifejackets and distance swimming.

Sting Rays

Strong expectation to develop sustainable stroke skills with precise instruction. 25 and 50m swims with correct technique. Advanced skills introduced such as butterfly arm action and early turning skills. Diving developed towards competitive technique. Sequenced water safety scenario. Water safety NZ's 200m survival swim measured.

Bronze Whalers

Transition to coaching situation to continuously fine tune all stroke techniques to a high level of expertise. 50 and 100m of correct techniques expected. Racing starts and turns practiced. Safety eduction focuses on survival in cold water. Tougher survival skills practiced.


Training squad, coached to develop fitness and speed with strong, correct stroke mechanics. Distance and speed certificate challenges. Timed swims and relay team work. Introduction to Lifesaving and Lifeguarding skills. 


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