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73. Linette van Greunen

Linette enjoy making clay sculptural work and vessels and find great satisfaction in creating domestic ware with a sense of beauty.

She completed a National Diploma in Ceramic Design (1998,South Africa) and a  Masters in Creative and Performing Art (2003,  Auckland University).

Linette uses mark making, painting and drawing techniques to create richly painterly surfaces on functional and non functional pottery objects. She creates pieces by hand and wheel in a variety of clay and fires in an electric kiln.

She describes her work as a visual  narrative, quiet reflections, on her  life. A sense of place, home, belonging, and placement is an ever-present theme in the work. The objects she creates explore clay as a strong ground for her interpretation of landscape, evoking the the colour, space and texture of our environment. She aims to capture the beauty of natural forms and reclaim the moments, memories of the experience in the studio.


Also open during the year by appointment

76 Eatwell Avenue, Paraparaumu Beach

T 021382575

E linvg70@gmail.com

W linvg.weebly.com 

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