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49. Whetū van den Oever Echt Studio

Whetū has been painting since 2002 and is largely self-taught.

Her work captures the essence of nature by zooming in on details and
conveying the mercuriality of colours. Fascinated and attracted to the
extraordinary she digs deeper into the wonder of nature with every
painting. This leads to both abstract and figurative paintings using mixed
mediums. In turns, her work glimmers with quiet reflection and explodes with
vibrant colours, it is both multi-layered and honest, explicit and vague.

About her work Whetū says: “Details trigger my senses. My enthusiasm grows, my happiness expands, my spirit brightens. The beauty, complexity, depth and unknown reasons of these details makes me paint or catch them with my camera.”

Also open during the year by appointment

11 Ruru Road, Otaihanga

T 049040486

E echt.nz@gmail.com

W www.echt.nz

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