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54. Kanuka Gallery

Ron Wilson-My work can be about a variety of subjects but usually around certain themes.

If a work satisfies me I will return to the idea many times like my continuing use of Wellington harbour and shipping around the container port or sunsets throughout the year between Kapiti island and the sounds.

An idea will come to me from a sighting of something, a container ship docking at Wellington on an overcast winter morning or the last brilliant red of a Kapiti sunset.  It could be the sight of a Tui feeding on flax or a Kereru in the Kanuka trees outside the studio.

Sometimes an idea will come and I have to find a location, I like the larger works to have a reality base so I can say this did or could have happened here, even if only to myself.

Most of my work is on commercial canvases but I do also make my own using linen.  I have used MDF, smaller painting on 5 ply and the inside surface of curved Eucalyptus bark

Also open during the year by appointment. 10am-4.30pm most days

2 Ocean Vista Lane, Paraparaumu

T 042982289

E r.m.wilson@clear.net.nz