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44. Studio 14 - Jenny Murrary

Jenny Murray B.F. Arts (Cant Uni)-Following graduating from Canterbury University School of Fine Arts, Jenny has exhibited her work at major NZ Galleries.

Her work has been exhibited and collected nationally and internationally, from the Tokyo Kite Museum (Etching and painting) to Vienna 'World Skies Exhibtion' (Etching)

Jenny's work has been described as having a lyrical quality and fine reciprocity to the elements of wind,sea,land and sky, and of having a quality of 'sine qua non- ''without which nothing''- a quality which is absolutely essential.

Fine Art Etching, Painting, Photography, Drawing, Textile Art.

Also open during the year by appointment.

14 Sunset Terrace, Waikanae Beach

T 049022457

E jenny.rob.studio14@gmail.com

FB Studio 14, Fine Art and Photography