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34. Warren Ixer

Warren believes that a good photograph should be pleasing to the viewer, with a perspective that draws you into the inner depths of the artwork.

Creating mood and provoking feelings from the viewer that enable them to see the photographs unique story.

His aim is to create atmospheric photographs.  Rather than just letting the viewer see the subject of the photograph, Warren wants the viewer to be able to look at the photograph and evoke the emotions of what it was like to have been there on location. 

Achieving moody, dramatic photographs can take time and effort.  Warren is often out with his camera at dawn and dusk, or in slightly inclement weather, waiting for the special light to appear on the location that he has chosen for his latest photographic work.  This may take many visits, or waiting for another season, in order to get the lighting just right.


Monday to Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday 9.30am-1pm
Closed public holidays

12 Parata Street, Waikanae

T 04 9025524

E kandw.ixer@xtra.co.nz