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Fibre Art Studio - Birgit Moffatt

Kāpiti Arts Guide Listing no. 13

My work is strongly influenced by places that are important to me: my birth city East Berlin, where I grew up and my new home, New Zealand. Living between cultures, the process of assimilation and understanding of my new environment involves an internal re-examination of home. Materials are important to me; I am intrigued to explore the potential contrasts and tensions of hard/soft, heavy/light, urban/rural, and flatness/dimensionality. My work process involves experimental combinations of various elements to test how they might express ideas around belonging and cultural identity. My rural surroundings reflect in my work through earthy colour palettes, rich textures, and the use of natural components. As far as possible, I prefer to create my own materials in their purest form. I am a keen explorer of natural dyes, using plant parts and other natural elements to achieve sophisticated results that are often unexpected and serendipitous.

Artistic medium: Fibre/Textiles; Encaustic Painting

Kāpiti Arts Trail

32 Parenga Road, Ōtaki

Open by appointment during the year.

Phone: +64 6 364 3486

Email: birgitmoffatt@gmail.com

Facebook: Birgit Moffatt Fibre Art

Website: www.birgitmoffatt.com

Payment options available: phone/online banking

Accessibility: Wheekchair accessible

Google Maps: Fibre Art Studio, 32 Parenga Road, Ōtaki