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Michelle Retimana Studio Gallery & Garden Art

Kāpiti Arts Guide Listing no. 27

My 3 series of sculpture extend my techniques in clay, bronze and mixed media  Bronze ladies inspired by the Cirque du Soleil have been fun to explore bodily contortion.  Dolphin and Whale tails reflect my love and demise of these beautiful mammals.  Koru have been a constant inspiration for over 18 years . Since 2010 I have hand-formed wax to create my bronzes, morphed using the lost wax process. While I find sprewing, grinding, patina and mounting tedious, the excitement of Sculpting, pouring molten bronze and smashing the ceramic shell reward me with ‘one off’ sculptures.

In the 70s I fell in love with clay, enjoying its manipulative tactile nature. I favour the more natural textured clays and unpredictable alternative firing techniques including Raku, Pit and wood smoked firings. I create large garden sculptures, delicate pinch pots and jewelery also decorative inside pieces, wall art and more  - I take pride in making individually hand-formed work…every piece original and unique.

Artistic medium: Sculpture: Bronze and Clay also mixed media

Kāpiti Arts Trail

83 Rutherford Drive, Waikanae Beach

Open by appointment during the year.

Mobile: 027 447 0163

Phone: 04 905 8298

Email: michelle.retimana@yahoo.co.nz

Facebook: Michelle Retimana Clay Artist

Website: http://www.artshow.co.nz/artist-details/michelle-retimana/

Payment options available: Internet Banking and Eft Pos

Accessibility: Suitable for all

 Google Maps: Michelle Retimana Studio Gallery & Garden Art, 83 Rutherford Drive, Waikanae Beach