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Ron Wilson - Kanuka Gallery

Kāpiti Arts Guide Listing no. 77

My art interests are painting mostly in oil, small wood sculptures and lately painted ottoman foot stools and side table storage boxes. My paintings are mainly around the Kapiti coast area some at sunset. I also use the local bird life as the subject either as a standalone item or included in a coast scene. Other ideas often come from around the area, the Kapiti island ferry and tractors, the trams at Queen Elizabeth Park, kanuka trees, cabbage trees, and flax. I have used my cat `Ember` as a subject several times. Wellington Harbour around the container port and shipping are also subjects I often return to.

My wood sculptures are of small animals, mice, frogs, lizards sometimes on or inside a carved bowl. Most of my paintings are on commercial canvases but I also make my own from linen when needing a specific size. I also paint on MDF and 5 ply and my rock pool bowls are painted on the inside of carved out laminated pine beams.

Artistic medium: Painting, wood sculpture, art painted ottomans

Kāpiti Arts Trail

2 Ocean Vista Lane, Paraparaumu

Open by appointment during the year.

Phone: 04 298 2289

Email: iscasron@gmail.com

Payment options available: Cash only

Accessibility: Wheelchairs difficult.


Google Maps: Ron Wilson, 2 Ocean Vista Lane, Paraparaumu