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Organic Design Studio - Sarah Shaw


Kāpiti Arts Guide Listing no. 79

My artwork focuses on hand crafting metals through techniques of fabrication and casting using the principle of "Organic Design" to create one-off original jewelry pieces and sculptures. The principle of Organic Design was developed by Frank Lloyd Wright who believed in creating harmony between people and nature to balance between the man-made and natural worlds. I consider factors such as energy conservation, renewable resources, recycling, natural materials and our local economy.

Materials that I use are gold, silver, copper, bronze, brass, iron, and steel, as well as any other materials that can re-formed, re-used, and recycled. My art includes design concepts of: Biomorphism (hints of biological forms); Art Nouveau (sinuous organic line); Arts and Crafts movement (William Morris's revival of traditional handicrafts, a simpler way of life and improvement in the design of ordinary domestic objects); and Craftsmanship (skills that are used when hand-making beautiful things).

Artistic medium: Silver and goldsmith; bronze, steel, copper

Kāpiti Arts Trail

Whitireia Kāpiti Campus, 9 Milne Dr, Paraparaumu

Open by appointment during the year.

Mobile: 021 452 465

Email: sarahseashaw@gmail.com

Payment options available: Cash only.

Accessibility: Suitable for all.

Google Maps: Sarah Shaw  Whitireia Kāpiti Campus, 9 Milne Dr, Paraparaumu