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Kāpiti Coast District Council considers the future of the Maclean Park kiosk

The Maclean Park upgrade is moving forward with confirmation that the park’s kiosk will be demolished, and the materials will be re-purposed where practical, in the coming weeks. 

Kāpiti Coast District Council Parks and Recreation Manager Alison Law says the Council explored the viability of relocating the kiosk, but that demolition was the most practical and cost-effective option.

“We looked into the costs involved with moving the kiosk from where it now sits, in a way that would allow it to be reused in the future. The cost of removal would be substantial so the decision’s been made to demolish it on-site.”

“We’re going to repurpose the materials from the kiosk as much as we can, and we’re currently looking into where we can best use these materials in our community.”

“As part of extensive consultation in 2016 and 2017, the community were given the opportunity to comment on all features of the park, including the pond and kiosk. It was apparent that the community wanted to see improved use of the area, with other features being introduced and prioritised over keeping the pond and kiosk.”  

The final Maclean Park Management Plan (which outlines the long-term development plan for the park) was adopted by Council in 2017 and outlines decisions about the removal of the pond and kiosk.

This first of multiple stages of the Maclean Park long-term development is expected to be completed by June 2019.

Last updated 30 August 2018 2.54pm