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What’s on this week?
Mon 20 May 3–5pm
Kāpiti TechWeek

Show and tell with JackBord at Paraparaumu Library for kids aged 9 and up. No need to register. 

1.30–3pm Tue 21 May

Representation Review 2024 – initial representation proposal options. See agenda and livestream link.

Tue 21 May 3.30–6pm
Kāpiti TechWeek

Join panellists Aaron Ward, Marcel van den Assum, Andrew Tokeley. No need to register. 

Tue 21 May 5–7pm

With the Waikanae Community Board at Waikanae Community Centre. Give feedback on their draft vision.

Tue 21 May 7–9pm

Meeting at Waikanae Community Centre. See agenda.

Tue 21 May 7pm

Meeting at the Ōtaki Memorial Hall. See agenda.

Wed 22 May 1–2pm

HerTech Adventure: Creative minds and Tech – free event. Register now

Thu 23 May 9.30am

Risk and Assurance Committee – see agenda and livestream link.

Thu 23 May1.30pm

Public are welcome to attend. See agenda and livestream link.

Sat 25 May 1–4pm

Show and Tell with JackBord at Paraparaumu Library for kids aged 9 year and above. 

Apply by Fri 31 May

Nominate your local legend who works hard to make Kāpiti an even better place to live. 

Apply by 7 Jun

Do you have an idea that promotes climate action and will leave a lasting legacy for Kāpiti? Apply now