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Reports, reviews and surveys

When required, the Kāpiti Coast District Council undertakes, or is supplied with, reports and surveys on the district and its environment.

Reports | Reviews Surveys 


The reports below vary from reporting on the performance of Kāpiti Coast District Council through to management of the environment.

Annual report

The Annual Report comments on the performance measures for delivering on Council activities contained in the Long Term Plan or the Annual Plan, dependent upon which document was in place for the previous financial year.

Annual Report 2017/18

Summary Annual Report 2017/18



View previous years Annual Report and Summary documents here.

Pre-election report

Amendments to the Local Government Act 2002 introduced a new requirement for the Chief Executive to prepare a Pre-Election Report providing information for the community and prospective candidates to use during the election process.

The Pre-Election Report brings together information previously published in Council's Long Term Plan, Annual Plans, Annual Reports and associated summaries. It provides information to promote public discussion about the issues facing Council and is intended to enable a better informed election debate.

Latest report: 2016 Pre-election Report

Previous report: 2013 Pre-election Report

Other council reports


The reviews below look at the performance of Kāpiti Coast District Council from independent organisations.


The surveys below were commissioned by Kāpiti Coast District Council.

Residents opinion survey

It is important for us to know how residents feel about our performance over a range of services and activities.

The results of our survey are a key part of how we assess our performance at the Council.  Targets are set in many areas through our long term and annual planning process and results form part of our annual report each year.

Independent research company Research First conducts our residents' survey with a statistically representative sample of Kāpiti residents to establish levels of satisfaction with a selection of council’s services and activities.  Research First carries out similar surveys for other local authorities in New Zealand.

Our latest survey:

Summary of results

The 2017/18 Residents’ Opinion Survey was conducted over four quarters with approximately 200 residents surveyed in each quarter (806 in total). Research is completed via telephone interviews of randomly selected residents with quotas set to ensure the survey sample is representative of age, gender and ward across the district.

The maximum margin of error for the sample of 806 respondents is +/- 3.5% at the 95% confidence interval.  The results for subsamples such as community board, age and gender are less precise.

Key results for 2017/18 were:

  • Overall satisfaction with the Council remains high. Satisfaction has been increasing since 2014 and has stabilised this year with an adjusted satisfaction score of 80%. However it was higher for the first three quarters before a decline in the fourth quarter, possibly due to dissatisfaction over elements of the long term plan process which was consulted on in that quarter.
  • Eleven of 15 long term plan KPI targets were met. Of the 11 measures that achieved their targets eight showed no significant change from the previous year while two showed marked improvement:
    • Street lighting reported 86% satisfaction this year against a target of 85%.  This was up from 79% in 2016/17  -  an expected outcome given the investment in the LED streetlight upgrade project.
    • That the district is developing in a way that takes into account its unique character and natural environment reported 82% satisfaction this year, up from 75% in 2016/17. This continues the improvement seen since the low of 68% in 2015/16.
  • Council’s community support services reported satisfaction of 88% this year, a modest fall from 92% in 2016/17. This was largely driven by a substantial fall in the fourth quarter result, which may be a result of some dissatisfaction with our new social investment approach, given that some groups that had previously received significant Council funding no longer do.
  • The four targets not met were:
    • The provision of education, information and advice on ways to minimise waste – this dropped sharply in the fourth quarter, bringing the annual result down to 71% satisfaction against a target of 75%. That drop may have been a result of dissatisfaction with the cessation of Envirowaste’s rubbish bag collection service.
    • Council roads allow for easy movement around the district reported satisfaction of 78% this year, still below the target of 85% but continuing the improving trend from a low of 61% in 2015/16 when the expressway construction was disrupting local roads.
    • The condition of Council’s footpaths reported a 69% adjusted satisfaction score against a target of 70%. Footpath maintenance has had only a small budget in recent years but the availability of NZTA subsidy for footpath maintenance and renewals will see a significantly increased spend in this area through 2018/19.
    • The safety and availability of on road cycleways, reported an average score of 57% satisfaction, again well below target. This measure attracts divergent views from those who are pro-cycling and those who aren’t.
  • Perceptions of Council and satisfaction in regard to Interactions with Council showed some significant falls compared to last year. The majority of these falls appear to have been heavily influnced by the fourth quarter survey results, suggesting again that dissatisfaction stemmed from the issues that were to the fore during the long term plan consultation. 

* Our survey uses adjusted satisfaction scores.  This is the percentage of people that are either satisfied or very satisfied as a proportion of those that expressed a clear opinion on the question.  People who responded that they didn’t know or are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied are not included in this measure.  Full details of all responses are in the Resident Opinion Survey 2017/18 document you can access via the link above.

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