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The Role of Council

The processes through which the Council engages with its community, how the Council makes decisions, and how citizens can influence those processes.

The Kāpiti Coast District Council enables democratic local decision making to promote the social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of the Kāpiti Coast.   In meeting its purpose the Kāpiti Coast District Council has a variety of roles:

  • facilitating solutions to local needs
  • advocacy on behalf of the local community with central government, other local authorities and other agencies
  • development of local resources
  • management of local infrastructure including network infrastructure (e.g. roads, sewage disposal, water, stormwater) and community infrastructure (libraries, parks and recreational facilities)
  • environmental management
  • planning for the future needs of the District.

In fulfilling its purpose the Kāpiti Coast District Council exercises powers and fulfils responsibilities conferred on it by legislation. 

Governance Statement

The Local Governance Statement is a collection of information about the processes through which the Council engages with its community, how the Council makes decisions, and how citizens can influence those processes.

Governance 2016-2019

For the 2016-2019 Triennium (ie term of office) the Mayor exercised his powers under section 41A of the Local Government Act 2002 and established Committees, appointed Chairs to those Committees, and set their terms of reference, and membership. The...

Code of Conduct

This page includes the Elected Members Code of Conduct and the policy on Elected Member expenses and reimbursements.


Expense returns can be found below - alphabetical / first name:                   A - G           H - L            M - T Check out the daily voting returns   here         FINAL ITERATION REPORTS Click on links below: Mayor Districtwide Paraparaumu Ward...


A Local Authority by-election must be held to fill an extra ordinary vacancy when the vacancy occurs more than 12 months out from the next full election (the second Saturday in October, once every three years).

2015 Review of Representation Arrangements - Local Government Commission's decision

On 27 August 2015 Council met to consider submissions and make a decision about the final proposal for representation arrangements for the 2016 local body elections. This decision marked another milestone in the representation review process which bega...

Elected Member Remuneration Expenses and Allowances

Information relating to Elected Member remuneration.

Declarations of Interest

The draft policy was adopted by Council in December 2015.  For reference, please click on link to access the policy on Declaration of Elected Member Interests . The link below takes you to the current register of returns for Elected Members with their...

Resources for Teachers

Kāpiti Coast District Council has released a civics education initiative for teachers and students called "Taking Action in My Community".