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Connect with your neighbours this weekend!

Reach out to those who live near you for ‘Neighbours’ Day’ weekend this Saturday and Sunday (March 25/26)!

‘Neighbours’ Day’ encourages people to get to know their neighbours better which strengthens feelings of belonging, creates happier, healthier and safer communities, and builds resilience in times of need.

“Whether you’re interested in baking, sharing garden produce or just having a cup of tea, this is a great opportunity to connect with your neighbours,” Mayor K Gurunathan says.

“It doesn’t really matter what our neighbourly actions are - it could be as simple as knocking on someone’s door to say ‘hi’, but every little thing we do to connect with those around us helps us get to know each other better.”

‘Neighbours’ Day’ Aotearoa is a national campaign with events and promotions happening all around the country with the aim of turning strangers into neighbours and streets into neighbourhoods.

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20 March 2017