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Sustaining and restoring our environment

Eco-sourcing Planting
Image: Eco-sourcing planting

Biodiversity is central to what sustains us: it is the life on which our lives depend.

Although New Zealand was one of the last places on earth to be settled by humans, it has one of the worst records of native biodiversity loss. Isolated for so long, New Zealand became home to many 'endemic' (found only in New Zealand) and unusual species which were completely unprepared for the sudden arrival of competitors and predators.

Biodiversity loss

The scale and rate of biodiversity loss in Kapiti is typical of other districts throughout the country.

Restoring our environment

There is strong impetus to protect our remaining biodiversity and local government and communities have an important part to play in helping prevent the loss of native species.


Nearly 2000 introduced plant species are now established in the New Zealand wild - that's more than the number of native plants. Of these, more than 200 species have the potential to destroy native plant ecosystems.