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Playground upgrades

We're revamping a number of playgrounds in your community!

Each year we carry out a regular renewal programme for playgrounds, timed to coincide with equipment getting near the end of its shelflife. Anything that can still be used is either kept in place or relocated.

We aim to create playgrounds that are accessible, fun, varied and cater for a wide range of abilities. Our goal is to design interesting playgrounds that meet the needs of both children and their caregivers.

2018/19 playground upgrades

Thanks to everyone who took part in the consultation process for the 2018/19 playground upgrades. Consultation is now closed. Check below to see a summary of the communities ideas.

2017/18 playground upgrades

The playground upgrades for this year are about to commence. The new equipment is
based on feedback from the community – thank you to those who contributed. You
can find out more about each playground upgrade below: