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Waikanae Beach Community Futures

Thank you to those who participated in the Waikanae Beach vision and action plan during the 18-month consultation. 

The plan looks at what local residents want for their area in a proactive way rather than being responsive and managing impacts. It covers built and natural environments, shared spaces, character and history, and community connectedness and resilience. The information will be used to inform the planning and future development of Waikanae Beach.

The Waikanae Community Board endorsed the plan on Tuesday 14 March 2017.

Shaping the future of Waikanae Beach

Many residents and property owners at Waikanae Beach have chosen this piece of paradise because of its quiet, seaside character and holiday feel. Some are concerned, however, about how future development in their neighbourhood will be managed, particularly as a result of the expressway. 

Waikanae Beach residents, aware of the changes other communities round the country which are located near new expressway interchanges have experienced, have sought council’s help. 

To help support the Waikanae Beach community respond proactively and positively to the potential impacts of the expressway with its nearby Te Moana Road interchange, we are facilitating a community futures process.

The community futures process is highly collaborative and aims to help the community agree a shared vision for Waikanae Beach. It involves bringing the community together to help them define and shape issues, listen and consider the viewpoints of others, have their say and arrive at decisions that work for everyone.

Members of this community formed a working group to discuss and explore what they love about their community and what makes Waikanae Beach unique.

The group met seven times from April to July 2016 and developed key components for a draft Waikanae Beach community vision.

The vision will help the community respond proactively to change and inform a plan to influence future development.

Previous report-back session
The Waikanae Beach Community Futures Working Group held a report-back session on Sunday 10 July 2016 at the Waikanae Beach Hall on Rauparaha Street to update the community on their work.

More than 200 locals turned up to hear what the working group members had to say and provide feedback on the group’s draft community vision for Waikanae Beach.

View presentation material from this session.

Feedback from the report back session has been collated. A survey of Waikanae Beach students at Paraparaumu and Kāpiti Colleges was also carried out, as well as some engagement with businesses to further test and refine the draft community vision and action plan.

Waikanae Beach Character Assessment Study

The 'Our future Waikanae Beach' vision and action plan identifies a series of actions – one of these is around creating clear rules on development in keeping with the special character of Waikanae Beach.

As a first step in progressing this action, Council has commissioned the completion of a character assessment study. The study assesses the local character of Waikanae Beach and identifies the essential character values and attributes that make Waikanae Beach special. It provides recommendations on character management tools, including zoning and rules applying to new development that could be included into the Proposed District Plan through a future plan change process to help manage local character issues.

View the character assessment study report.

Supporting information

Waikanae Beach Community Workshop documents