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September 2015 drop-in sessions

A summary of two-drop in sessions for the Waikanae Beach community.

In September 2015, we started the Waikanae Beach community futures process by holding two drop-in information sessions.

These were held on the afternoon of Sunday 6 September and the evening of Tuesday 22 September – at the Waikanae Beach Hall and the Waikanae Boating Club respectively. A total of around 270 people attended these sessions.

The purpose of these sessions was to get people to start identifying their aspirations for Waikanae Beach.  People could drop-in anytime over a two-hour period and have conversations with council staff, as well as identify and write down what they value about Waikanae Beach, and any issues they think might impact on Waikanae Beach’s future.

We have summarised the rich and interesting feedback people gave us at the two drop-in sessions in a document  under a number of themes.  These are broadly grouped under two headings: what people love about Waikanae Beach, and what their concerns are for its future. Comments have not been attributed to individuals.  


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