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Renaming SH1

Now that the Expressway is here we will have a unique opportunity to rename the existing State Highway 1 once it becomes a local road.

What’s happening?

As part of the process to make SH1 a local road (this process is known as revocation) the SH1 between Poplar Avenue and Peka Peka will lose its classification as a state highway and will be renamed. It can no longer be called a state highway for address and identification purposes.

We've been leading a project to rename SH1 and in early 2017 we invited the Kāpiti Coast community to have their say on possible names for seven sections of SH1. This included names identified by representatives from our district's three iwi and a local historian and options for retaining the status quo.

More than 580 people engaged in our SH1 renaming conversation and all suggestions received were assessed against the Criteria for SH1 Renaming. A short list of possible names has been developed in consultation with community boards and the full council will make a final decision on renaming SH1 in 2018.

Once the names are agreed by the Council and responsibility for the road is transferred from the Transport Agency to the Kāpiti Coast District Council a formal notification process will follow. This will involve working with Land Information New Zealand, affected property owners, business operators and emergency services to ensure there is a smooth transition to the new road names. This could take up to 24 months.

The process of renaming SH1 is being funded by the NZ Transport Agency as part of the Council's SH1 revocation agreement with the Transport Agency.

Sections of SH1 to be renamed

  1. Paekākāriki to Mackays Crossing*
  2. Poplar Avenue to Kāpiti Road
  3. Paraparaumu north to Waikanae River
  4. Waikanae town
  5. Waikanae to Peka Peka
  6. Hadfield Road connection
  7. Peka Peka Road to Te Kowhai Road.


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Names identified by representatives from our District's three iwi and a local historian

Representatives/historians of the district’s three iwi and a local historian identified possible names for the seven sections of SH1 to be renamed that reflect the district’s rich historical and cultural history. The names are:

Section 1    Hurumutu

Section 2    Hokowhitu

Section 3    Rauoterangi

Section 4    Kākākura 

Section 5    Unaiki

Section 6    Katu

Section 7    Matene Te Whiwhi

Next steps

Community boards have reviewed all of the suggestions put forward for renaming SH1 and have made their recommendations to the Council. The full Council will review the community boards' recommendations and make a final decision on renaming SH1 early 2018.

Draft minutes from the Paekākāriki Community Board meeting on 8 August 2017

Draft minutes from the Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board meeting on 12 September 2017

Draft minutes from the Waikanae Community Board meeting on 5 September 2017

Draft minutes from the Ōtaki Community Board meeting on 15 August 2017 


Page updated 12 December 2017