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Paraparaumu town centre

Your town centre is the heart of your community

Our plans to improve the Paraparaumu town centre focus around making it the heart of the District and the primary focus for retail, commercial, cultural and civic activity. We've established a programme of work to contribute to this goal. Over the next 12 to 36 months around $14.5 million will be invested in improving the Paraparaumu town centre.$10.5 million of this is the Transport Agency’s funding to provide improvements to SH1 in and around to town centre as part of the SH1 revocation.

Paraparaumu masterplan

Our masterplan gives an overview of the long term improvements planned in our town centres. Some of these improvements also intersect with our Stride n’ Ride Kāpiti Coast initiative and the Transport Agency’s work to make the existing State Highway 1 a local road.

Projects we're currently working on 

Establishing Rimu Road as a main street featuring more retail and other businesses

Integrating Kāpiti Lights into the new town centre

Our programme of work is flexible enough to accommodate other opportunities happening in the town centre, including:

  • Two significant developments from Coastlands, one of which includes retail expansion adjacent to Rimu Road.
  • Work to turn SH1 into a local road is happening this year and we’re working with the NZ Transport Agency to help shape and influence this.

Project's we've completed

Improvements to Kāpiti Road between Arawhata Road and Ngahina Street

Improvements to Kāpiti Lights - stages 1 and 2.

Related projects

Making State Highway 1 a local road - Within the next 24 months SH1 through the Waikanae town centre will become a fit-for-purpose local road and responsibility for the road will transfer from the NZ Transport Agency to the Council – this process is known as 'revocation'. The NZ Transport Agency will be investing approximately $3 million in the Waikanae town centre as part of their works to revoke the old SH1. This will involve construction works within the existing road corridor to reduce SH1 to a single lane structure, intersection improvements, better east-west connections and improved public amenity. 

Staying up-to-date

Talk to your community board, follow our Facebook page and e-newsletter Everything Kāpiti for updated about our work to build a connected, accessible and thriving Waikanae town centre.

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