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Expense returns can be found below - alphabetical / first name:

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Paraparaumu Ward

Waikanae Ward

Paekākāriki-Raumati Ward

Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board

Waikanae Community Board



MAYOR K. Gurunathan Click here for final results
DISTRICTWIDE Angela Buswell  Click here for final results
  Mike Cardiff  
  Jackie Elliott  
  David Scott   
  John Howson  


James Cootes  Elected Unopposed
WAIKANAE WARD COUNCILLOR Michael Scott Click here for final results
PARAPARAUMU WARD COUNCILLORS Fiona Vining Click here for final results
  Mark Benton  
PAEKĀKĀRIKI-RAUMATI WARD COUNCILLOR Janet Holborow Click here for final results
WAIKANAE COMMUNITY BOARD James Westbury Click here for final results
  Jocelyn Prvanov  
  Tonchi Begovich  
  Jeremy Seamark  
PARAPARAUMU-RAUMATI COMMUNITY BOARD Jonny Best Click here for final results
  Guy Burns  
  Bernie Randall  
  Kathy Spiers  


Kerry Bevan  Elected Unopposed
  Christine Papps  
  Marilyn Stevens  
  Shelly Warwick  


Steve Eckett  Elected Unopposed


Philip Edwards  


Holly Ewens  


Paul Hughes  

 View the candidates for:

  • Kāpiti Coast District Council here.
  • Greater Wellington Regional Council here.
  • Capital & Coast District Health Board here.
  • MidCentral District Health Board here.


Local authority elections will be held in 2016. Voting will be held by postal voting using the STV electoral system.  







MAYOR Angela Buswell Ross Church Jackie Elliott K (Guru) Gurunathan

David Scott

Gavin Welsh    
DISTRICTWIDE COUNCILLORS Ric Austin Murray Bell Emily Boonen Angela Buswell
  Mike Cardiff Jackie Elliott Peter Ellis Ann-Maree Ellison
  Eric Gregory K (Guru) Gurunathan John Howson Christopher Ruthe
  David Scott Shelly Warwick    
ŌTAKI WARD COUNCILLOR  ** James Cootes      
WAIKANAE WARD COUNCILLOR Geoffrey Churchman Iride McCloy Tim Parry Michael Scott
PARAPARAUMU WARD COUNCILLORS Mark Benton Martin Halliday Bernie Randall Kathy Spiers
  Fiona Vining      
ŌTAKI COMMUNITY BOARD  **  Kerry Bevan Christine Papps Marilyn Stevens Shelly Warwick
WAIKANAE COMMUNITY BOARD Louise Aitken Tonchi Begovich Eric Gregory Jill Lloyd
  Jocelyn Prvanov David Roil Jeremy Seamark Margaret Stevenson-Wright
  James Westbury      
PARAPARAUMU-RAUMATI COMMUNITY BOARD Jonny Best Guy Burns Bernie Randall David Scott
  Kathy Spiers  Fiona Vining    
PAEKĀKĀRIKI COMMUNITY BOARD     ** Steve Eckett  Philip Edwards Holly Jane Ewens Paul Hughes

 **   Profile statements for the Ōtaki Ward Councillor role, the Ōtaki Community Board and the Paekākāriki Community Board candidates, are not shown because under Section 63 of the Local Electoral Act, these candidates were elected unopposed.


Making a Stand for your Community

Pre-Election Report

Who is representing the Kāpiti Coast District?

Voting entitlements

Other key dates are below:


Key event or action

No later than Friday 15 July

Public notice of election

Nominations open

Electoral roll opens for inspection

By Friday 29 July

Appointment of JPs to oversee vote processing

By noon, Friday 12 August

Nominations close

Friday 12 August

Electoral roll closes

Wednesday 17 August

Public notice of election and candidates’ names

By Monday 12 September

Electoral Officer certifies final electoral roll

Friday 16 September - Wednesday 21 September

Delivery of voting documents

Friday 16 September - Saturday 8 October

Early processing period.

Special voting period

By noon Friday 7 October

Appointment of scrutineers

Saturday 8 October, noon

Voting closes

Counting commences

Preliminary results

Friday 14 October

Final results published in newspaper

Saturday 15 October

New Elected Members come into office

Tuesday 25 October

New Elected Members sworn into office


Return of election expenses forms

2013 Election Results for the Kāpiti Coast District

2013 Electoral Expenses

Making a stand for your community

For the 2016 elections Local Government New Zealand is running a campaign,, until the 8 October polling date aiming to lift voter numbers above 50% nationally for the first time since 1998. Local election turnout in New Zealand has been declining since the 1980s, and in 2013 was only 42% of New Zealanders.

If you are thinking of standing as a candidate in the Kāpiti Coast District Council elections you may find the following resources helpful:

  • Candidates' Handbook - available here), and in hard copy on request.  A final version will be available by the end of May
  • Local Government New Zealand have published 'A candidate's guide to local authority elections' - available here
  • An article 'So you want to be a councillor?' first published in the April issue of the New Zealand Local Government Magazine - available here

Pre-Election Report

The Pre-Election Report 2016 has been produced as required under the Local Government Act 2002.  The report provides a comprehensive picture of the current position and direction of the Kāpiti Coast District.  To view this report please click here

Who is representing the Kāpiti Coast District?

Following the Council’s review of representation arrangements in 2015 the Local Government Commission has decided that the following arrangements will apply to the 2016 elections in the Kāpiti Coast District:

  • Councillors elected as follows:
    • Five Districtwide Councillors
    • Five Ward Councillors – one each for the Wards of Ōtaki, Waikanae, and Paekākāriki-Raumati, and two for the Paraparaumu Ward.
    • Four community boards each with four elected members and the Ward Councillor for the following communities: Ōtaki, Waikanae, Paraparaumu-Raumati, and Paekākāriki.

The Commission also decided that some boundary adjustments should be made between Ōtaki and Waikanae. For new boundary maps, click here.  For a copy of the Commission’s Determination click here.

Voting entitlements

Those eligible to vote are:

  • All residents enrolled on the parliamentary electoral roll within the local government area
  • All non-resident ratepayers enrolled on the ratepayer electoral roll.

For ratepayer enrolment entitlements click here.

For ratepayer enrolment form click here.

Persons are qualified to be enrolled on the parliamentary electoral roll if they:

  • Are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand; and
  • Are 18 years of age or over; and
  • Have at some time resided continuously in New Zealand for one year or longer; and
  • Are not disqualified under the Electoral Act 1993.

Residents of Kāpiti Coast District are enrolled automatically on the District’s residential electoral roll if they are registered as parliamentary electors. Therefore there is no need to enrol separately for the District’s elections.

Any enquiries or alternations to the residential roll can be made by:

  • Completing the appropriate form at any Post Shop; or
  • Phoning 0800 ENROLNOW (0800 367 656); or
  • Accessing the Electoral Commission website

Any changes queries or omissions relating to the non-residential ratepayer roll should be made by phoning the Council on (04) 296 4700 and asking for the Electoral Officer. 

2013 Election Results for the Kāpiti Coast

Mayor Iteration report
Districtwide Iteration report
Ōtaki Community Board Iteration report
Ōtaki Ward Iteration report
Paekākāriki Community Board Iteration report
Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board Iteration report
Paraparaumu Ward Iteration report
Waikanae Community Board Iteration report
Waikanae Ward Iteration report

2013 return of Electoral expenses click here.

Summary of candidates' electoral expenses click here.


Check out this video on how to vote.