Vision Kāpiti

9 Aug 2023, 12:02 PM

Hey there, Kāpiti folks!

Your Council wants to chat about where our district is going. We're making plans for the next few years and even the next 30 years! Our goal is to make our community better in lots of ways, like how we live, the environment, and more.

We know there are big challenges like climate change and stuff. But we're ready to tackle them and we want your help.

We're changing how we work with you. We want to hear your ideas and concerns. You can visit us at our roving engagement hub (we’re in Waikanae this month) to chat, or you can talk to us online. We've got a bunch of topics to talk about, like what's important to you and how we spend money.

We've got some important things we're working on for the next three years. We want to know if you like them. And in the future, we're thinking about what our district should be like in 30 years! We want your ideas for that too.

We'll be hanging out in the engagement hub and other spots around Kāpiti over the next few months and we encourage you to join the kōrero – follow our Council Facebook page or visit our online engagement space for updates.

Later, we'll share our detailed plans, and we want your thoughts on these too. We're also dreaming up a cool vision for the future. We want Kāpiti to be awesome for you, your kids, and everyone else. We'll be asking questions and having meetings to figure it out.

We're excited to hear what you think. Let's make Kāpiti even better, together!

See you soon,

Your Mayor and councillors

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