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Council sets 10 short-term strategic priorities focussed on driving affordable change

1 May 2023, 1:42 PM

Councillors have agreed 10 strategic priorities for the triennium and agreed to progress work to develop a new community vision to 2060 and beyond, and an accompanying blueprint for change.

The 10 short-term priorities reflect what councillors heard from the community prior to being elected and what they’ve heard through their networks since coming into office. The priorities focussed on driving affordable change and are grouped under three key areas of focus - place, people, and partnerships.

  • Priorities related to ‘place’ focus on making sure Kāpiti is resilient and liveable for current and future generations. For 2023/24, actions include introducing an emissions reduction target by June 2023, improving our transport network, reducing inland flooding issues, and delivering Council’s stormwater infrastructure programme.
  • Priorities related to ‘people’ focus on ensuring people are supported to live, work, and play in our district. For 2023/24, actions include increasing economic opportunities to work in Kāpiti, building stronger community connection points, progressing mahi to establish an Affordable Housing Entity, and setting a health strategy.
  • Priorities related to ‘partnerships’ focus on partnering more effectively with our Iwi Partners and others to connect, facilitate, and advocate for the benefit of everyone that calls Kāpiti home. For 2023/24, actions include working with the community to develop a shared vision for Kāpiti, improving our accountability to you, and improving engagement practices.