Growing Together with Over the Fence Cuppas

2 Feb 2024, 11:52 AM

Kāpiti Coast District Council are encouraging community-minded people to host Over the Fence Cuppa events with their neighbours this March.

Kāpiti Coast District Mayor Janet Holborow says that Council’s Over the Fence Cuppa initiative is a great way to nurture local connections, grow resilience and enhance wellbeing.

“We’re embracing this year’s theme of ‘Growing Together’ and I really want to encourage more Kāpiti residents to get involved so we can grow this initiative together,” says Mayor Holborow.

“Last year we had 47 registered events, and I’d love for us to have even more Cuppa events this year so more of our residents can participate.

2023 Over the Fence Cuppa event in the Kāpiti community - neighbours sitting in the shade of the tree chatting, while other stand around a food table.

2023 Over the Fence Cuppa event in the Kāpiti community

“These fun and friendly get-togethers offer a chance for you to get to know your neighbours a little better, or to just take some time to enjoy the connections you already have.

“There’s lots of ways to plan your event. It could be as small three households, or as big as the whole street. You could host it at your home or garden, on the berm, or even at the local park – whatever works for you. You could keep it informal with a morning tea or lunch, borrow some of our street games, or you could invite a guest speaker from Council’s Waste Minimisation Team or the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office to run a workshop.

“Over the Fence Cuppas help connect new and long-term residents as well as those who might be on their own. It’s also a great way to find out how you could help each other out, share tools, or find some common interests.

“Forming grass-roots connections becomes especially important if we’re faced with a disaster such as an earthquake or flood. Emergency services need to respond to the most urgent matters, so that’s when communities really need to come together and support each other.

“Of course, getting to know your neighbours is also a great way to strengthen community wellbeing – just sharing a smile and a wave can really brighten someone’s day.

“The first step is making sure you register on our website or fill in a registration form at one of our service centres by 4 March. You’ll then receive a pack full of ideas and resources as well as an invite to our launch party. You’ll also be in the draw to win prizes!

“Council will also provide follow-up support and information to help neighbourhoods stay connected.”

Over the Fence Cuppa events can be held anytime between Friday 15 March and Sunday 31 March.

Register your event at: Over the Fence Cuppa - Kāpiti Coast District Council (