New book blossoms from community writing workshops

27 Feb 2024, 3:30 PM

A book of memories and reflections written during community writing workshops has been published.

Kāpiti resident Angela Robertson has run Write Your Story workshops over the last four years, providing opportunities for people to document their lives and stories.

Workshops have been supported by the Creative Communities Scheme, a fund administered by Kāpiti Coast District Council aimed at supporting arts activities that celebrate Kāpiti culture, community involvement and diversity.

Stories penned during workshops have now been collated in the book Memories of the Royal Family: A Kiwi Collection.

Kāpiti resident Angela Robertson wears a crown while holding hew recently published book 'Memories of the Royal Family'.

Kāpiti resident Angela Robertson with her recently published book Memories of the Royal Family: A Kiwi Collection.

Dr Robertson says the workshops were not dedicated to the royals, but the topic came up organically “again and again” as an important feature of people’s lives – whether royal visits or other momentous occasions.

“Queen Elizabeth II was the first monarch to come to New Zealand and visited many times,” Dr Robertson says.

“While the monarchy was a really big deal and a big part of our social history and heritage, the stories are not just about the royals but all about the events in people’s lives – there are some very funny and wild stories in it.” 

As well as memories and musings the book includes newspaper cuttings from the time, original photographs, and memorabilia.

Dr Robertson says the process of bringing the book together was wonderful.

“There is so much connection and respect for one other during the workshops, and there was so much diversity among the group.

“It’s a big deal for people to have their stories published and it’s been a joy really. I was so pleased to get the support from the Creative Communities Scheme to get it published.”

Memories of the Royal Family: A Kiwi Collection can be purchased through the usual channels or directly from the author by emailing [email protected]. A copy is available at Kāpiti Libraries.

The Creative Communities Scheme is open for applications now - visit for more information.