Poplar Ave dual crossing built, time to adapt

8 Jul 2024, 1:37 PM

Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are asked to take care while adapting to the new dual raised crossing that has been built on Poplar Ave in Raumati.

The pedestrian and cycling crossing where the Te Ara o Whareroa shared trail links with Poplar Ave is now complete, barring a few finishing touches.

Kāpiti Coast District Council Group Manager Infrastructure Services Sean Mallon says the new crossing brings with it a change to a busy transport corridor.

“It’s great to see this new piece of infrastructure in place,” Mr Mallon says.

“There has been a lot of demand for a better crossing point here and we are pleased to declare it open.”

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Mr Mallon says caution is needed by anyone passing through the area, whether on foot, bike or by car.

“Before the crossing was installed motorists had right of way through that area.

“Now, motorists are required to give way to cyclists and pedestrians.

“While this is normal for any zebra crossing it is a change to what people are used to here, so we ask everyone to please extra take care with the new development.”

Mr Mallon says while cyclists and pedestrians now have right of way, they should always pay attention when crossing a road.

“The new crossing is not an invitation to just cruise out onto the roadway – remember to stop, look and live.

“We know we’ve got a growing number of new cyclists in Kāpiti making the most of our awesome trail network and the rise in e-bikes, which is fantastic.

“So, if you’re coming in or out of Te Ara o Whareroa be sure to stop before crossing the road and give approaching motorists time to slow down.”


  • Give way to pedestrians and cyclists using the crossing.
  • As you approach the crossing, slow down and be ready to stop.
  • Give way to anyone on the crossing, or anyone who’s obviously waiting to use the crossing.
  • Wait until the person has crossed in front of you and is clear of your vehicle before you drive off.
  • Do not pass other vehicles that have slowed down or stopped at a pedestrian crossing.

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Cyclists and pedestrians:

  • Ensure motorists stop before commencing crossing.
  • Give time to the approaching motorists to slow down and stop.