It’s important to us that this site is accessible to everyone. The site has been designed to meet the New Zealand Government web standards and accessibility best practice.

If you believe any of our content isn't as accessible as it could be, or your requirements aren't being met, please contact us.

Using shortcut keys to navigate this web site

Shortcut keys - the Tab and Enter keys allow you to move around the web site without a mouse.

The 'Skip to main content' link allows you to skip past the navigation links to the main content on the page.

Increasing the size of text and screen view on this web site

You can also increase the size of the text displayed on your screen to make viewing content easier.  Hold the Ctrl key down and press the + key to increase your screen view and text size, and Ctrl - to reduce the screen view and text size.

Turning off style sheets in a web browser

If you're experiencing contrast issues, turn off style sheets in your web browser which will allow you to see a text-only version of this web site.

How to turn off Style Sheets in different web browsers

Chrome (Win)

  • Via the gear icon, choose the "CSS" tab > "Disable All Styles"

Firefox (Win and Mac)

  • Via the menu toolbar, choose: "View" > "Page Style" > "No Style"
  • Via the Web Developer Toolbar, choose: "CSS" > "Disable Styles" > "All Styles"

If the Web Dev Toolbar is installed, people can use this keyboard shortcuts:

  • Command + Shift + S (Mac)
  • Control + Shift + S (Win)

Internet Explorer 8

  • Via the menu toolbar, choose "View" > "Style" > "No Style"

Internet Explorer 7

  • Via the IE Developer Toolbar menu: Disable > All CSS

Internet Explorer 6

  • Via the Web Accessibility Toolbar, choose "CSS" > "Disable CSS"

Opera (Win)

  • Via the menu, choose "Page" > "Style" > "User Mode"

Safari (Mac)

  • Via the menu toolbar, choose "Develop" > "Disable Styles"