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Social Investment Funding


In 2016, Council confirmed that funds for social investment would be contestable, and at the end of 2017, Council decided three priorities for funding:

  • connected communities
  • safe communities, and
  • a capable sector.

Council also adopted six guiding principles:

  • sustainability
  • equity
  • Treaty of Waitangi
  • iwi prosperity
  • valuing community and volunteer contributions
  • partnership and collaboration.

See detailed definitions of the priorities and principles. 

The following organisations were selected for Social Investment Funding for initiatives for 2018-2021?

    • Kapiti Youth Support: Funding for the He Kākano mentoring programme which aims to empower young people to increase their knowledge, develop skills and build confidence so that they are better able to problem solve, build social competence and resources to manage their relationship with peers, family and community.
    • Energise Ōtaki: Funding for capacity development of Energise Ōtaki for initiatives that address energy poverty, food to waste energy project and other community-led initiatives that deliver social outcomes for the Ōtaki community.
    • Māoriland Charitable Trust: Funding for tikanga Māori based, community led activities which enhance community connectedness and social entrepreneurship opportunities that enable people to positively change their lives.
    • Age Concern Kāpiti: Funding for the development and delivery of an action plan and programme to address social isolation.
    • Ngā Hapu o Ōtaki (umbrella organisation: Raukawa Marae Management Committee): Funding for capacity development of Ngā Hapu o Ōtaki to re-establish Te Ringa Manaaki ō Taaringaroa as a community hub which will enrich, support and deliver a host of community-led activities by and for whānau/ families, hapū and iwi with wider benefits to the community of Ōtaki.
    • Kāpiti Women’s Centre and Kāpiti Living Without Violence:  Funding to provide a joint service to reduce family violence and crime through crisis counselling and working holistically together to reach outcomes.
    • Volunteer Kāpiti and Kāpiti Impact Trust (KIT): Joint funding for the development and implementation of a specific programme to build the capacity of the sector.
    • Challenge 4 Change (umbrella organisation: KIT): Funding for an early intervention strengths based mentoring programme for 9 - 13 year olds.

Support for wider sector

Capacity-building support for the whole sector is running in parallel to the funding process.  Intensive support is being offered to organisations who have received funding in the past but were not shortlisted to develop proposals.

Questions and further information

If you have questions about any aspects, please email socialinvestment@kapiticoast.govt.nz or see our FAQs.