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Elevate Ōtaki

Elevate Ōtaki is a community group that was set up in 2017 to lead and advise on the best use of a $300,000 funding package established to help the community prosper from the Peka Peka to Ōtaki (PP2O) Expressway. The funding package is equally shared between the NZ Transport Agency and the Kāpiti Coast District Council to give $60,000 per year for five years to mitigate the impacts and effects of the PP2O Expressway on Ōtaki, Te Horo, and surrounding areas.


Elevate Ōtaki will make recommendations as to the best use of the Council/Transport Agency funding, and are also tasked with sourcing additional finance for projects beyond the scope of the PP2O Expressway construction.

The purpose of Elevate Ōtaki is to:

  • Identify and communicate opportunities to stakeholders that can be invested in to assist Ōtaki and Te Horo
  • Work with stakeholders to realise potential for local businesses and the community

Vision: to elevate Ōtaki as a place to experience, belong and have fun – a place to grow, live, and play.

Mission: to enable a thriving, bustling, enhanced community by promoting Ōtaki, building business confidence and advocating for the community.

Values: resilience, innovation, embracing change, diversity, open and honest, sustainability, prosperity, authentic community.


Key objectives

  • To work with stakeholders to maximise infrastructure expenditure for the benefit of the Ōtaki retail area, township and business park
  • To encourage and support economic development initiatives that create jobs and encourage inward investment
  • To identify, facilitate and oversee the planning and implementation of economic development initiatives
  • To identify and support community initiatives that enable sustainable employment in Ōtaki and Kāpiti


Specific functions

The specific functions of Elevate Ōtaki are to engage with stakeholders and the community to identify, assess, and advocate for economic development opportunities in the area. This will also include exploring marketing opportunities for Ōtaki, as well as representing the interests of Ōtaki in regional and districtwide economic development planning, projects, and policy.



Membership of Elevate Ōtaki will include core members annually appointed by the Council. Members should have a business or community interest in Ōtaki and/or Te Horo. The group will be chaired by a Council representative, and from time to time speciailist advisors may be invited to joing the group for specified periods of time.

The current Elevate Ōtaki group for 2018 are:

  • Ōtaki Ward Councillor James Cootes (chairman)
  • Councillor Angela Buswell
  • Christine Papps (Ōtaki Community Board Chair)
  • Hanna Wagner-Nicholls (destination marketing specialist)
  • Ian Carson (Ōtaki Promotions Group)
  • Heather Hutchings (Kāpiti Chamber of Commerce)
  • Joshua Housiaux (experienced project engineer/manager)
  • Libby Hakaraia (Māoriland Film Festival)
  • Sam Pritchard (industrial/commercial retail)
  • Mark Rudings (business start-up specialist)


Meetings and reporting

Elevate Ōtaki meetings are held monthly. The group will report quarterly to the Council and Ōtaki Community Board on activities, progress, and recommendations. The group can issue press releases on its activities and views (in consultation with Council).


More information on Ōtaki as a destination and place to live, work, and play can be found at